The NAAP Platform can provide your company with a centralized exchange of information through which the different departments can communicate and ensure decision making is based on correct information. Additionally, this centralized exchange of information will allow processes tho be repeated thought out – guaranteeing swift action when necessary.


The NAAP Platform allows new services or technologies on an existing telecommunication network infrastructure site.

Optimization of Network

With NAAP’s Site Management Platform you will be able to view the sites in your network as well as viewing cadidatable sites. All of the informaiton for each site, pictures, documents, access controls, etc, will be kept in one place, accesible to all person’s with the credentials to view it.

Asset Management

NAAP’s Asset Management will track assets through a unique identifier as they move through your network. Additionally, it will keep track of an asset’s information by maintaining all of its documents, financial informaiton, repair history, etc in one place. This will give you the benefit to know not only exactly where every asset can be located but individually you can also know the history of each asset. Knowing where your assets are will save money by eliminatin unecessary purchasing, will allow you to act quickly when disaster strikes, and let you know when assets are decomissioned so you can eliminate them from the network.


NAAP will allow all maintenance – preventative and corrective – to be handeled directly from the NAAP. This will involve assigning tasks, even recurring ones, to the persons responsible. This information will be accesible to them from their device. From their device they will be able to provide the status of the maintenance, access product and asset information, and include any notes which will automatically capture the date and person writing it. NAAP’s maintenance module will streamline these process thereby ensuring maintenance is performed on time, seamlessly.

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