The job of regulatory bodies has become increasingly critical and complex because of the vast amounts of information being generated. It is therefore important to consider optimal ways of managing this information intelligently, creating one information bank, and synergistically using the same information across departments, guaranteeing that customers and patrons are being provided with the services in a timely fashion as they have come to expect. NAAP has created a suitable set of systems and tools fully adapted to the specific context of a regulator so you can achieve this.

• Site/Operator/Colocation/Antenna/Frequency management

• Disaster recovery planning: ensuring the quality of the masts and other infrastructure

• Inventory Management of site assets that fall under regulation policies

•Enforcement: ensure compliance of service providers with the minimum standards set

•Inspections and Audits

Keep information from past visits together so you can enforce that the regulations are being met

•Provide a neutral and transparent information portal for industries and subscribers

•Revenue generation: Managing fees and invoices for licenses, permits, and concessions

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