See how much time and money you can save. You’re accountable for the status and value of your organization’s many fixed assets. Those assets can take the form of buildings, Telecom Equipment, computers and other electronic equipment, office furnishings. NAAP has everything you need to manage depreciation and inventory reducing ghost assets, tax and insurance payments.

Ghost Assets

The NAAP Platform can eliminate the Ghost Assets that are carried over and over agin in your balance sheet increasing expenses. Find out how NAAP can help you solve this.

Resilience/Disaster Recovery

NAAP tracks assets through its lifecycle and its whereabouts and can depreciate those assets accorsingly. This information can be provided to the ERP ensuring that financial statement are in compliance and reflecting accurately.

Risk Management - Insurance

Telecom Infrastrucutre is subject to natural disasters. Revenues depend on it and time is literally money. NAAP provides the tools to recover from a natural disaster in the quickest way possible while providing important information to ensure an expedited insurance process.

Opex Reduction

Having site information – both financial as well as technical/operational – at your fingertips eliminates in many cases the need to go visit a site to gather information. This allows for consideralbe OPEX reductions related to site visits and surveys.

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