Operating a Network has its challenges. Technology changes, consolidation of the industry, employee churn. An then de daily grind of keeping a network up and running. This is the most ciritcal mission within the company as revenues depend directly from the capability of the network to provide service. You need tools, you need solutions. Quite frankly, spreadsheets are great but they are just not created to be shared and updated across departments and they are unlinked from eachother. You need a platform that provides the tools to manage those processes and allow colaboration across deparments. You need NAAP.

Gathering of all relevant information of network assets at each site and warehouses

  • Barcoding of all deployed network assets.
  • Creation of network asset library based on site audit.
  • RFID.

Autocad drawings


Engineering specs

Structural design reports






Contractor and Contact Manager

Test your tower load designs, share your data and analysis with vendors, allowing faster decisions, regulatory approvals and timely implementations.

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