Accelerate the rollout of new cell sites or network technologies.

Automatically track project progress and workflow.

Define and model project tasks and milestones for any business process.

Empower team members with structured, workflow-driven project management.

Drive projects forward with automatic event notifications.

Compare budget VS actual project costs. Make corrections and informed deceisions.

Capture costs per-task.

Report project status and costs to make better decisions and corrections.

Particularly useful for new site rollouts, site expansions or greenfield deployments, NAAP Process has the capabilities that will allow you to model business processes so that they can be effortlessly replicated and the progress updated by individual assignees, or globally by team managers, throughout the organization. This will streamline the exchange of information as your goals and milestones are met. It is the tool of choice for companies that want to get the job done.
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NAAP’s SMART Roll-Out app is the new way to improve your Telecommunications rollout projects. How? By allowing project roll-out information to be shared and tracked in a controlled way among the many individuals and companies that make it all happen: Carriers, Equipment Vendors, Integrators, and General and Sub-Contractors.

It is a Cloud based service which is offered with different plans to meet your Roll-Out needs:


Roll-Out App for up to 10 users.

Manages up to 250 Sites.

Site Information Management.

Asset Tracking.




NAAP Multi

Includes all Solo features plus:

Up to 1000 Sites.

Up to 50 users.


Customizable Security Access Levels.


Includes all Multi features plus:

Up to 5000 Sites.

Up to 250 Users.

Services and Workflow Management.

Lease and Finance.


Includes all Flow features plus:

Unlimited* Sites.

Unlimited* Users.

Project Management.

Tower Load Analysis.

Security and Monitoring.

Your companies ability to keep within original project timelines and budgets will be what determines how the company does in the market. NAAP project will streamline all communication, information, and achievements throughout your organization so you can achieve what you set out to. Projects milestones can be automatically updated when each task is completed and it is possible to link each project to one or more assets of any type.

Track and update project status when each task is completed.

Track costs per task, department, or total project to control budget deviatons.

Know the project progress.

Define and Model project tasks and milestones for any specific business process.

Give access to all team members globally to accelerate rollout of new sites or technology.

Link assets or sites to projects.

Project traceability - as a whole and per task and person.

Messaging and and event notifications to drive projects forward.

Connecting your organization, NAAP Process is the tool to streamline communication, objectives, and achievements.

reducing errors, reducing time-to-decision, being able to control and audit resources and execute better, faster, and reduce operational and capital costs. Some additional benefits offered by the NAAP Platform include:

• Increase in data accuracy: Inaccurate data can result in up to 20% of excess process related costs

• Increases of productivity in the order of 20%

Process Automation, documentation management, checklists and reporting.

Active Process Management capabilities will allow you to model business processes specific to your organization. These processes are effortlessly replicated and progress updated by individual assignees, or globally by team managers. Projects are automatically updated when each task is completed. It is possible to link each project to one or more assets of any type as well as to employees and customers. Multiple views allow you to check the status of each step, the status of an entire project or the status of all common projects simultaneously. Messaging and notification escalation (e-mail, sms) is an integral part of the module.

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